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Name: Paul B.
Location: Los Angeles
Review: Prior to having been invited and joining a basketball league a year ago, the last time I played the sport was about 10 years and 60 pounds ago. At 5'7" I used to be able to dunk the basketball and never had any real problems with my body. Now at 34 years of age and 200lbs, I started experiencing knee problems about a month into playing. The pains got progressively worse as I kept on forcing myself to play every week until running and jumping were almost unbearable. I took 2 weeks off playing and thought that the pain would be more manageable so I decided to play. The real pain started when I jumped up for a layup and landed on one leg having to support my weight. All my stubborness went out the window and at that point I knew I could not play as the pain bothered me like never before. I love playing basketball. It is the thought of playing every friday that got me through my hectic week. I found out my condition was tendinitis/Bursitis but did not have time for the demands of going for therapy. I tried all the gimmicks I could find on the internet including the homeopathic pill that did not do anything for me. Then I found Sonic Relief. Just after four days I saw the swelling on my knees subside and the pain slowly dissipate; and being the stubborn fella that I am, decided to test it playing basketball. The pain was significantly less allowing me to shoot my jump shots and grab some rebounds which I was not able to do for awhile now after initially feeling the pain. I am now 2 weeks into the treatment and the swelling is almost completely gone. I still play basketball cautiously trying not to reaggrevate the injury but my knee is feeling alot, lot better thanks to Sonic Relief.


Name: Betty
Location: Texas
Review: I received my sonic relief in the mail about a week ago. I am getting pain relief as described below: I purchased this product to treat my knees. I have arthritis in various spots but my knees are the worst and I have come to the conclusion that it is Bursitis and/or tendentious, not arthritis that is causing most of the pain. Recently I had a Bursitis attack in my left leg that became inflamed to the point that I could not walk. I was holding on to the wall or furniture or anything I could lean on just to get to the bathroom. The pain was horrible. I did not want to go to the doctor because I knew it would mean a cortisone shot in the knee and I'm not convinced that is the way to go. I treated myself with antibiotics (that I had on hand) for the inflammation and stayed off the leg. I called Sonic Relief and had my order changed to a rush order. After the attack subsided somewhat, I could walk but limped so badly that I could not go out in public because I looked ridiculous with that walk (worse than you can imagine) and also I didn't trust my leg to not give out on me. As soon as I got my sonic relief, I began giving both knees 3 treatments a day around the bursae areas and in the joints. The relief from pain was amazing. My husband is shocked that I stood up straight (not bent over as before) and slowly walked in a somewhat normal gait after only one day of treatment. I am still treating both knees, and I am still in my first week, but I was able to go out in public and do some limited walking for the first time in a couple of months. I still need more treatment and intend to use this wonderful product every day. I have recommended it to my daughter who has heel spurs. Even if I have to use the sonic relief every day, I am thrilled that I can ease my pain without more medication (I'm already taking too much and my stomach is always upset). I am not a big advocate of surgery as I feel it is not always the answer to everything, as some doctors do. Surgery will be my last option. My hope is that, with so much of the pain gone, I will be able to get normal exercise and movement to my legs so that I can "self heal." I am so happy that I found your sonic relief device. I think it is an amazing tool for those of us in pain.


Name: Susan Smith
Location: Mandurah Australia
Review: I suffered from chronic trochanteric and ischthial (hip, tailbone and buttock) Bursitis for the last eighteen months, triggered by an underlying arthritic condition. It is a very painful, tiring condition as sleep is almost impossible. I cannot tolerate antiinflammatories or strong painkillers so tried every alternative pain relieving therapy I could find. I have spent a small fortune on chiropractry, physiotherapy, accupuncture, myotherapy, infrared therapy and numerous creams and herbal products. I received ultrasound twice a week for many months from a physiotherapist but gained no relief from the constant pain. A couple of months ago I decided to buy a Sonic Relief portable ultrasound. I used it twice a day and after two weeks experienced a lessening of the pain. After about a month the pain subsided to the point where I could start exercising again. I can't tell you how happy this made me. I now use the Sonic Relief just once every few days for maintenance. I am virtually pain free now and extremely grateful. I am sleeping again, have improved stamina and have been able to increase my work hours. I have never written a testimonial for a product before and believe me, I have tried a lot. This is the first one that has actually exceeded my expectation and done what it said it would do. I would like to say a big thank you to the manufacturers of Sonic Relief.

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