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Get Relief From Arthritis

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a broad term that covers a group of over 100 diseases. It has everything to do with your joints – the places where your bones connect – such as your wrists, knees, hips, or fingers. But some types of arthritis can also affect other connective tissues and organs, including your skin. About 1 out of 5 adults have some form of the condition. It can happen to anyone, but it becomes more common as you age.


If you have Arthritis, NOW is the time for Sonic Relief

Take Control of your Arthritis Pain

Treating your arthritis with ultrasound at home is effective, safe and easy.  You'll get pain relief quicker than visiting a clinic, drug-free and more cost effective. 

Proven Pain Relief

This ultrasound therapy device utilizes sound waves to provide deep tissue stimulation, which can provide relief from joint pain and inflammation. It's the same technology used by therapists and medical practitioners. 

A treatment plan that's easy to follow

Sonic Relief is so easy to use! Treatments are ten minutes 2-3 times per day to start, with many people feeling knee pain relief after the very first treatment. 

What Causes Arthritis?

Arthritis can be caused by several different factors including age, weight, genes and more.





Excess Weight





Symptoms of Arthritis

  • Joint pain

  • Joint stiffness

  • Joint swelling

  • Tenderness

  • Bone spurs

  • Grating (the feeling of rubbing together inside the joint)

  • Joints that look red or feel warm to the touch

What are the various types of arthritis?


The most common form of arthritis. Some people call it degenerative joint disease or “wear and tear” arthritis. It occurs most frequently in the hands, hips, and knees. With OA, the cartilage within a joint begins to break down and the underlying bone begins to change.


RA, is an autoimmune and inflammatory disease, which means that your immune system attacks healthy cells in your body by mistake, causing inflammation (painful swelling) in the affected parts of the body. RA mainly attacks the joints, usually many joints at once.

Psoriatic arthritis 

Psoriatic arthritis is a type of arthritis that affects some people with the skin condition psoriasis. It typically causes affected joints to become swollen, stiff and painful. Like psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis is a long-term condition that can get progressively worse.


A common form of inflammatory arthritis that is very painful. It usually affects one joint at a time (often the big toe joint). There are times when symptoms get worse, known as flares, and times when there are no symptoms, known as remission.

How Ultrasound Works

Ultrasound is an 80 year old physical therapy technology that uses Sound Waves at high frequency that are transmitted to damaged, injured, inflamed soft tissues to heal them and remove pain and inflammation.  

Soft tissues injuries and conditions include:

  • joints

  • ligaments

  • tendons

  • muscles

  • trigger points

Increases blood flow and healing

Ultrasound waves cause increases local blood flow to the treatment area. Increased blood flow delivers needed oxygen and nutrients, and removes cell wastes. And immensely improves rate of healing.

Pointing Hand_edited.jpg
Reduces inflammation and stiffness

Sound waves reduce local swelling and chronic inflammation, increasing range of motion and reduces pain.  

Still frame from a motion work I've done
Relieves muscle spasm and trigger point pain

Ultrasound waves penetrate sore tissues causing micro vibrations that relieve muscle tension and trigger points that cause pain. 

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Reginald's Journey

Hand and Knee Arthritis Treatment with Sonic Relief

Reginald S., Rochester New York
I had been very athletic all my life playing multiple sports. I began to develop arthritis in my hands and knees that became more painful every day. I consulted with my physician and the only remedy other than a limited number of cortisone injections, surgery was the only other option. I discovered Sonic Relief while researching arthritis treatment options on the internet. I decided to give Sonic Relief a try and purchased the unit in October. By the end of November my Arthritis pain was completely relieved and I had full flexibility in my hands again! I only need treatment on a weekly basis now. This is the single most effective item I have ever purchased!

Portrait of a Senior Man

How would YOU describe your Arthritis and how it affects YOU?

In our recent Pain Awareness Survey, we asked people to describe their arthritis pain and note what parts of their life their pain has affected.  Here are some of the results: 

Woman at Work_edited.jpg


My pain affects my



My pain affects my



My pain affects my



My pain affects my



My pain affects my



My pain affects my



My pain affects my


Get your FREE Sonic Relief Arthritis Treatment Guide 

Find out how to use Sonic Relief to treat a variety of arthritic conditions.

Where do you suffer with Arthritis?
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Feel better with Sonic Relief.

Are you tired of dealing with the constant pain of arthritis? If the answer is yes, then let us help you allievate your pain. Our unique treatment option is safe, drug free, and affordable.

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Don't wait! Start treating your arthritis today.

 Invest in your health!  Invest in yourself!


Mary Major, Ontario

I have tried everything for my chronic knee arthritis so I was skeptical when my daughter-in-law recommended that I try Sonic Relief. But after just one treatment on my knee, I noticed the difference - I was not as stiff and I could bend my knee further than I have been able to in years! I couldn't wait to use it again. I use it every day now on the areas that are stiff and sore. I like that I can take it with me to my cottage too!

—   Canada

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