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Back Pain is Treatable

About Back Pain

Back pain is the most common cause of missed work and more than 80% of adults will experience it at some time. Due to the importance of the back in body mechanics and movement, back pain can affect so much of what we do in our lives.

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More than just Physical Pain

Back pain can profoundly affect the quality of life for those suffering from it, causing feelings of hopelessness and fatigue. In addition to physical pain, it can lead to mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression. It can also lead to loss of mobility, decreased productivity, and even social isolation. 

What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain often develops without a cause that your doctor can identify with a test or an imaging study. However, here is a list of common conditions that can be the root cause of your back pain.

Muscle Strain 


Bulging Disks

Ruptured Disks




Ultrasound Treatment for Back Pain

Ultrasound is a great choice to treat back pain and our clinical testing proves it. With Ultrasound technology, sound waves penetrate the skin and surface layers causing the soft tissue to vibrate. This produces increased blood flow to the area to help reduce local swelling and chronic inflammation and thereby will relieve your back pain.

Immediate Results for back pain

Back pain haunted me every waking moment for about one year. It must have been a combination of an untreated tear in my upper back from lifting weights, and from years of sleeping on my stomach. After using your product, I saw immediate results. My chronic lower back pain has diminished, and I barely ever feel anything from my upper back anymore. I still wake up from my sleep expecting to feel pain because it was what I was used to doing. I just can’t wait till I can get rid of the mental side of having back pain, since Sonic Relief has taken care of the physical pain.

G. Styles, Michigan

Get your FREE Sonic Relief Back Pain Treatment Guide 

Find out how to use Sonic Relief to treat a variety of back pain conditions.

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Feel better with Sonic Relief.

Are you tired of dealing with constant back pain? If the answer is yes, then let us help treat your pain with ultrasound technology. Our unique treatment option is safe, drug free, and affordable.

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