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If you have Arthritis pain, NOW is the time for Sonic Relief

Check your email to download your Arthritis Treatment Guide or click here to download now.

We are pleased to offer a special discount on Sonic Relief starter kit - regularly $199 now $165!! 

Use coupon code ARTHRITISSR to get this special price.  

Take Control of your Arthritis Pain

Treating your arthritis pain with ultrasound at home is effective, safe and easy.  You'll get pain relief quicker than visiting a clinic, drug-free and more cost effective. 

Proven Pain Relief

This ultrasound therapy device utilizes sound waves to provide deep tissue stimulation, which can provide relief from joint pain and inflammation. It's the same technology used by therapists and medical practitioners. 

A treatment plan that's easy to follow

Sonic Relief is so easy to use! Treatments are ten minutes 2-3 times per day to start, with many people feeling arthritis pain relief after the very first treatment. 

What could you do if your arthritis pain didn't stop you? 
If you could sleep better, be more active, not dread the stairs or exercise or quality time with family and friends

Invest in your joint health today!

Sonic Relief comes with everything you need to start relieving your arthritis pain including:

  • Sonic Relief device

  • Travel Bag

  • Charging base

  • USB charging connector

  • North American plug adaptor for USB

  • 1 Sonic Relief specially formulated Ultrasound Gel

  • Downloadable Treatment Manual

  • Trigger Point Chart

  • 1 year warranty

  • 60 day money back guarantee

Read what people are saying!

Reginald Stewart, Rochester New York
I had been very athletic all my life playing multiple sports. I began to develop arthritis in my hands and knees that became more painful every day. I consulted with my physician and the only remedy other than a limited number of cortisone injections, surgery was the only other option. I discovered Sonic Relief while researching arthritis treatment options on the internet. I decided to give Sonic Relief a try in October. By the end of November my Arthritis pain was completely relieved and I had full flexibility in my hands again! I only need treatment on a weekly basis now. This is the single most effective item I have ever purchased!

Susan Smith, Mandurah Australia
I cannot tolerate anti-inflammatories or strong painkillers so tried every alternative pain relieving therapy I could find. I have spent a small fortune on chiropractors, physiotherapy, acupuncture, myotherapy, infrared therapy and numerous creams and herbal products.

A couple of months ago I decided to buy a Sonic Relief portable ultrasound. I used it twice a day and after two weeks experienced a lessening of the pain. After about a month the pain subsided to the point where I could start exercising again.  I now use the Sonic Relief just once every few days for maintenance. I am virtually pain free now and extremely grateful. I am sleeping again, have improved stamina and have been able to increase my work hours. I have never written a testimonial for a product before and believe me, I have tried a lot. This is the first one that has actually exceeded my expectation and done what it said it would do. I would like to say a big thank you to the manufacturers of Sonic Relief.

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