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If you have Back Pain, NOW is the time for Sonic Relief

Check your email to download your Back Pain Treatment Guide or click here to download now.

We are pleased to offer a special discount on Sonic Relief starter kit - regularly $199 now $179!! 

Take Control of your Back Pain

Treating your back pain with ultrasound at home is effective, safe and easy.  You'll get pain relief quicker than visiting a clinic, drug-free and more cost effective. 

Proven Pain Relief

This ultrasound therapy device utilizes sound waves to provide deep tissue stimulation, which can provide relief from muscle, tendon and joint pain and inflammation. It's the same technology used by therapists and medical practitioners. 

A treatment plan that's easy to follow

Sonic Relief is so easy to use! Treatments are ten minutes 2-3 times per day to start, with many people feeling back pain relief after the very first treatment. 


What could you do if your Back Pain didn't stop you? How would your life improve if you could:

  • be more active

  • not dread lifting things

  • painlessly exercise

  • sleep better

  • have quality time with family and friends?

Invest in your back health today!

Sonic Relief comes with everything you need to start relieving your back pain including:

  • Sonic Relief device

  • Travel Bag

  • Charging base

  • USB charging connector

  • North American plug adaptor for USB

  • 1 Sonic Relief specially formulated Ultrasound Gel

  • Downloadable Treatment Manual

  • Trigger Point Chart

  • 1 year warranty

  • 60 day money back guarantee

Read what people are saying!

G. Styles, Michigan
Back pain haunted me every waking moment for about one year. It must have been a combination of an untreated tear in my upper back from lifting weights, and from years of sleeping on my stomach. After using your product, I saw immediate results. My chronic lower back pain has diminished, and I barely ever feel anything from my upper back anymore. I still wake up from my sleep expecting to feel pain because it was what I was used to doing. I just can't wait till I can get rid of the mental side of having back pain, since Sonic Relief has taken care of the physical pain.

Wilkins, Ontario, Canada
My husband, my daughter and myself were recently in a car accident and fortunately all parties were not seriously hurt in the accident, However ; we did experience a fair amount of stiffness and pain as a result of our collision. My husband injured his shoulder and I my lower back. We had heard of the success our friends had experienced with the Sonic Relief so we decided to give it a try. With just one 10 min session on my lower back I was feeling completely back to normal two days after the accident.  My husband used the product 2 times and from not being able to lift his arm higher than his head he was able to hang a light for me the very next day! We are very impressed with this product and recommend it highly. 

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