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Sonic Relief Specifications

Intensity: High 5W, Medium 3W, Low 2W (±0.5)

Intensity output: Spatial Average Temporal Peak Intensity at high setting (w/cm2) 0.52

Intensity output: Spatial Average Temporal Average Intensity at high setting (w/cm2) 0.26

Beam Non Uniformity (BNR) Max 5.5:1

Timer Setting: 10 minute auto off ± 5%

Transducer Head Size: 40mm

Switch: On/Off Plus Hi/Med/Low Intensity 

Frequency: 1 MHz ± 5%

Model: pulse wave @50%

Max Power: 5 watts

Rechargeable - USB charger cord and North American plug for USB

Power Source: 100-250V 50/60 Hz

Output Power: 5V 1A wireless

Lithium Battery Capacity: 1100mAH

Color: White

Weight: 178 gm

Dimensions: 170x46x50mm

Probe made of Stainless Steel

Body made of ABS plastic

Product Certificate - CE, RoHS, FCC, Patent Pending

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