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Arm Pain Testimonials

People whose Arm Pain and injuries were greatly improved using Sonic Relief.

Arm Pain Testimonials

Nancy Tressler, Bellefonte Pennsylvania Do not hesitate to buy this product, it’s worth the money it will do what it says, relief is immediate, I fell off a riding lawn mower with an injury to my right arm the pain was almost unbearable, unable to raise my arm until I used the sonic relief, I received my order quickly used it immediately don’t miss out for a really good product, help is out there. Customer service is greatest, they are really a god send with any questions.


Barbara, Houston, TX I was about to give up golf, the pain in my left elbow was so bad I couldn't use the arm. The doctor did not want to prescribe any more anti-inflammatory and told me to lay off for several months. I ordered the Sonic Relief a week ago and have used it, as suggested, every day three times a day for this first week. Right away I noticed a reduction in the pain after every session. By the sixth day and after playing 18 holes, there was barely any discomfort at all. This thing works! The ladies at the club want me to bring it in and show it to them.


David Coccimiglio As a Registered Massage Therapist I am extremely impressed with the fast results and ease of use of the Sonic Relief Ultrasound unit. I use it in my practice on my patients for everything from Arthritis to Plantar fasciitis and on my own hands and forearms after a long day of treatments. The cooling medicated gel has reduced inflammation and swelling with all my acute (recently injured) patients and the deep penetrating ultrasound breaks down those trigger points (knots) that can be so painful to release with Trigger point therapy. This device is a must for all athletes with new or recurring injuries. I want to thank you for not only helping my patients but also helping me be able to continue my career as a Registered Massage Therapist.


Sylvia, Greeley, Colorado Sonic Relief totally 'healed' my severe case of tendonitis. In fact, my tennis elbow was so severe, I had golf ball size inflammation at the site. The sonic care gel is so soothing. It has been a year now. Still playing tennis. No pain, no swelling, no arm bands or braces. I've even used it on my lower back after a day of pulling weeds, with the same great results I am recommending it to all my tennis friends. Definitely worth the money.

I have had tennis elbow off and on for the last 7 or 8 years. It started again about 3 months ago. I went to the Dr that fixed it the first 2 times. I had the same treatments and this time it made it worse! So, I went for acupuncture. I had 6 treatments and spent way too much $$. That helped briefly after each treatment but no lasting benefit. I was searching on-line for help and came across sonic relief. I have been using it now for one week and the pain is much better. We bought a new treadmill during this past week and hauling it and putting together set me back with the elbow. AHopefully, after another week or 2 I will be pain free and be able to do strengthening exercises and then get back on the court.

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