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Cost Effective Pain Relief

Sonic Relief is cost effective pain relief, an alternative or adjunct to costly in office treatments and devices.

Cost Effective Pain Relief

MaryAnne, Smiths Falls

I bought my sonic relief ultrasound on the shopping channel a few years ago and it is the best. I can use it in my home & not pay high cost for treatment. After a broken elbow it was great, no pain. I have used it for back pain it has done wonders and I highly recommend sonic relief. My sonic relief is on lend to a friend with frozen shoulder and I have given her your address & phone number.


Michael Saltzman, Texas I have been using the Sonic Relief for about 3 weeks now. In the first week it has done miracles for my neck and elbows. BEST INVESTMENT MADE. Just received my bill from physical therapy and it was $1650 American dollars for 12 visits for my elbows. I showed the therapist the machine and he stated it is the exact same thing they were using (same concept). Once again THANKS


Lynne WestonLocation:Rochester Hills, MI

Like so many others, I spent five months and thousands of dollars going to a local podiatrist. I had steroid injections, twice/week electrode treatments, orthotics in my shoes and bought/wore New Balance shoes (which didn't work for me) and then purchased Ryka cross trainer shoes because they offered more support. After five months, I was still in constant pain and limited as to what activities I could handle. My doctor never offered me the ultrasound treatment because I am self-insured with a high deductible and my insurance carrier would not pay $900 per ultrasound treatment. I checked the internet and there I found/purchased the Sonic Relief Ultrasound kit. In three weeks, I was pretty much pain free. The only time I experience pain now is when I get up in the morning but within five minutes it's gone. The test for me was whether I would be able to continue doing agility with my puppy. Before the Sonic Relief product, I was in agony and limping after every agility class. Three weeks after using this product, I no longer have any pain while doing agility or any other activities. Thanks to Sonic Relief, I got my life back! This product was worth every penny! Thank you Sonic Relief for offering a cost effective product that works for people who cannot get this treatment through their own healthcare insurance! I recommend this product to anyone who is having a health problem that I think the Sonic Relief product might help.


Dan Callistein, Chicago, IL The Sonic Relief has been amazing! I had been trying to run through my Achilles tendonitis for about 4 - 6 weeks when I realized I needed to do something about it. I previously had Achilles tendonitis and went to physical therapy twice a week for two months. This time, I was training for a marathon and didn't want to waste the time AND money going to a physical therapist. When I came across the website, I figured it was worth a try. The Sonic Relief COMPLETELY cured the pain and allowed me to continue training after only three weeks, which has allowed me to get back on track for my marathon. I recommend the Sonic Relief to anyone.


Nancy Tressler, Bellefonte Pennsylvania Do not hesitate to buy this product, it’s worth the money it will do what it says, relief is immediate, I fell off a riding lawn mower with an injury to my right arm the pain was almost unbearable, unable to raise my arm until I used the sonic relief, I received my order quickly used it immediately don’t miss out for a really good product, help is out there. Customer service is greatest, they are really a god send with any questions.


Jane Smith, Canada I have had my sonic relief machine for four months now. I have had excellent results. I have had fibromyalgia for over 20 years, and many of my doctors told me I had the worst case they had ever seen. (Most of them blamed me.) All of them told me fibromyalgia was incurable. I spent over $100,000 on shock wave treatments, with some benefit. Shock wave is ultrasound. Some of the shock wave treatments that I paid $1000 an hour for were not as strong as the treatments I administered myself with sonic relief. My fibromyalgia has improved by at least 80% with sonic relief, and I'm not finished yet. Getting pain under control helps with insomnia, fatigue, concentration, depression and so on. This a good thing, unless you want to be depressed. I've gone on online forums to spread the word, but no one is interested. I have tried to encourage my friends to use this device. I've offered to drop it off at their homes, free of charge. No takers. No one believes what I am saying because their doctors have convinced them their pain is incurable, and they would be better off taking hardcore medications. This, of course, is not true. Side effects from medications just lead to other problems, which lead to more medications and on and on it goes until you die and the hospital corridors overflow with people who could be golfing. All you can do is warn people. It's ignorance that's incurable. There's real hope for chronic pain.

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