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A Real Pain in the Neck

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Most people use electronics on a daily basis: cell phones, desktop computers, laptops and tablets have become a part of our lives. A study conducted by KPCB shows that in 2017 on average, American adults spend 5.9 hours each day on digital devices including smartphones, desktops, laptops and other devices including streaming devices and game consoles. (X)

Unsurprisingly, upper back, neck and trapezius pain has become more common in these days of electronics. Sonic Relief’s™ recent survey showed that 55% of Sonic Relief™ users are treating neck, shoulder, and back pain. When we hold and look down at our phones, sit at our computers, we tend to fall forward allowing all the weight of our head to be carried on these muscles and tissues. When our heads are firmly straight on our necks, the long trunk of our bodies bear the weight. But lean forward, and you’re adding a hundred pounds of pull on the neck, shoulders, upper back.

“When your posture is tall and erect, the muscles of your back can easily support the weight of your head and neck — as much as 12 pounds… But when your head juts forward at a 45 degree angle, your neck acts like a fulcrum, like a long lever lifting a heavy object. Now the muscle weight of your head and neck is the equivalent of about 45 pounds. It is not surprising people get stiff necks and shoulder and back pain.” explains San Francisco State University Professor of Holistic Health Erik Peper (X)

This type of pain makes daily activities, sleeping, sitting and lifting motions extra – and unnecessarily – painful. Sonic Relief™ and ultrasound work very well to treat these types of strains and spasms.

Preventative Measures

Device related pain can be prevented by taking measures such as improved posture, taking time to stretch regularly while using devices (desk stretches can be particularly helpful), lastly ‘active sitting’ helps to keep your body in motion while being sedentary and using electronics to prevent pain. More

Treatment with Ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound such as Sonic Relief™ works to stimulate the tissues of an injury, inflammation in tendons, ligaments and joints, trigger points, muscle knots and strains and just about any soft tissue injury or condition. When the tissues are stimulated by the soundwaves, it brings blood flow to the area to speed healing and flush out inflammation.

100% of Sonic Relief user survey participants agree that they are glad they have Sonic Relief to treat their aches and pains when they need it. Over half of users use their Sonic Relief™ device whenever needed and 1/3rd of users use their device once weekly or more for pain relief.

Sonic Relief ultrasound waves penetrate the damaged painful tissues in the neck and shoulder region generally affected, also encouraging the removal of inflammation and spasm, speeding healing, and therefore relieving pain. Treatment for pains caused by the use of electronics should be applied directly over the pain in your neck and shoulders with the Sonic Relief ultrasound device 2-3 times per day (we recommend before you get up, or do any activity that causes more pain, and just before bed). Treat for 2 weeks (even if it feels completely better), then continue treatment as needed.

Guaranteed Relief

If you have pain caused by using your electronic devices, Sonic Relief comes with a 60 day money back guarantee – definitely worth a try!

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