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How Does It Make You Feel: Wendy’s Story

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

What it FEELS like when you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The number one company value at Sonic Relief is that our first job, every single day, is to listen to our customers – whether it’s the emails we receive, or our Facebook messages or customer reviews. We are especially moved when people tell us about how their conditions and injuries affect them in their daily lives, not just the physical symptoms but also the emotional and psychological symptoms of their condition. A User Story

We want to tell you the story about a member of the SRC (Sonic Relief Community), Wendy R from Carrollton, Texas.

Wendy has been a hairdresser for 20+ years. She loves her job and her clients are loyal. It’s not easy being on her feet all day but it’s rewarding and creative and she can clock out at the end of the day satisfied and content. About 2 years ago, she noticed her fingers tingling like pins and needles in the middle of the night – especially on her right hand. Wendy would shake them out and go back to sleep. After a few months, by lunchtime at work, her fingers would start tingling again and she was losing strength to hold the hairbrush while doing blow-outs. By the end of the year, she was in a lot of pain across the palm of her hand, up her arm, and her hand cramped a lot while styling hair. She worried about using her scissors. At home, she had to use 2 hands to lift the tea kettle and was always aware of the pain. At night, the pain in her wrists, forearms and hands was keeping her from a good night’s sleep.

Of course, Wendy was concerned. She was sleep-deprived, it was affecting her work, and it hurt! But almost worse, was how she felt emotionally:

  • Always on her mind: The constant, ever-present pain – it was always there. It dictated everything she did from getting dressed, to carrying the laundry basket to grocery shopping.

  • Worried: about her ability to continue work in the career she’d built and loved – maybe have to cut back work hours, lose income and make it hard to pay her bills.

  • Nervous: that she’d lose her job at best and harm a client at worst.

  • Concerned: about the pain pills her doctor gave her (she admitted she stopped taking them because she couldn’t function with the pain killers).

  • Stressed: Nothing seemed to work. Stretching, expensive hand braces. Physical therapy was out of the question because she couldn’t take time off work. Her doctor suggested surgery!

  • Depressed: that her life was so changed by this pain – everyday tasks were becoming nearly insurmountable.

  • Helpless: was this what her life would be like from now on?

Her Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affected everything in her life. And left her feeling helpless. Until she took control of the situation by using her Sonic Relief.

Our team recalls the 3 things she told us about her situation:


In Wendy’s first email to us, she detailed the symptoms of her Carpal Tunnel Pain:

  • Fingers tingling

  • Pain in her palms and up her forearms, especially at night

  • Loss of grip strength and coordination


On a follow up, she told us she tried a lot of things including pain medication but she was not willing (or able) to take much time off work to rest the repetitive strain on the ligament across the heel of her palm.


In a quick phone call, our Customer Success team learned about how depressing it was for her and that she was looking for hope in Sonic Relief and ultrasound. We checked in with Wendy one month after she received her Sonic Relief Starter Kit. We already knew that ultrasound was a great treatment option for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and we hoped that Wendy had followed through with her Sonic Relief treatments and filled out her treatment chart.

She told us:

“It’s been a life changer. I was really committed to getting better after feeling so bad for so long. I did the sonic treatment 3 times a day on both hands. The first thing I noticed came after about a week. I noticed that it didn’t really hurt when I picked up my coffee. After 2 weeks, I slept through the night for the first time in 2 years. I woke up in tears. I’ve told all the staff at the salon about Sonic Relief and anyone else who will listen. I can thank Sonic Relief for giving me my life back. Now I just do a quick 10 minute hit a couple of times a week especially if I’ve been really busy at work. I don’t know why more people don’t know about this.”

Does this sound like you? Or someone you know? Someone in constant pain?

Take time to think about how your pain, injury, inflammation really makes you feel. Imagine how you could feel – without your pain.

Learn more about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome here (button) and tell us how your condition affects you. We’re always listening.

Got a success story like Wendy’s? We LOVE hearing from Sonic Relief users and SRU Community Members – reviewers will get a coupon for discounts on Sonic Relief Gel.

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