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The Importance of Pain Awareness Month

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

This month, Sonic Relief made the decision to observe Pain Awareness Month by asking our followers “how pain affects you” for the chance to win a free Sonic Relief Starter Kit. Congratulations to our winner Kelly K.!

To close off the month of September we wanted to delve into the reason for recognizing Pain Awareness Month.

While certainly everybody is already aware of pain, many are still unaware of just how many people suffer from chronic pain conditions and just how severe the burden of pain can be.

We took the time to read every submission, comment, and message discussing your pain and how it affects your life. Through these entries we saw many similarities. Nearly everybody who experienced pain conditions shared feelings of:

  • isolation

  • frustration

  • and feeling overwhelmed by their pain.

Many people shared their difficulty in their ability to get treatment let alone treatment that provided relief.

"It's a pain that doesn't go away. It affects my body and mental health. I can't be as active or as happy as I once was." Anne F. back pain sufferer

Reading these submissions highlighted the real reason for pain awareness month, allowing those who suffer from pain conditions to have a voice and to be heard.

Bringing awareness to the seriousness of suffering from pain begins with listening to those who experience it first-hand. Through understanding the burden of pain we can work towards removing barriers to pain relief, finding better and more effective diagnosis tools, and removing stigmas and feelings of isolation surrounding pain.

Here are some solutions to start your pain relief journey.

Take action on YOUR Pain Relief: Since Sonic Relief was developed over 15 years ago we have been committed to providing portable, affordable, safe, effective, drug-free, home-use ultrasound therapy. We are constantly working to make pain relief more accessible to those who suffer from pain conditions.


Be involved in your Diagnosis: Struggles surrounding advocating for your own healthcare are an incredibly common problem for those suffering from pain conditions. A powerful first step to doing so is understanding and tracking your pain.

Download the Sonic Relief Pain Tracker for FREE today to start on your journey to diagnosis.


Address feelings of Isolation: At Sonic Relief we are committed to listening to our users, pain is invisible and therefore can feel isolating. We hear you and understand you. We want to continue to encourage those of you who suffer from pain to let us know how your pain affects you and help you towards finding relief.

We want to sincerely thank everybody who took the time to tell us about their pain. Doing so helps us at Sonic Relief to further our journey towards providing the best possible pain relief solutions and building pain awareness. Keep an eye out for our future blog updates to stay connected and learn more about how you can fight your pain!

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