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FAQ: How often should I use Sonic Relief?

A question we often get asked is, "how often should I my Sonic Relief Ultrasound to treat my back pain (or knee arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrom, or....)?"

A recent survey of Sonic Relief users showed that:

  • 17% used their Sonic Relief every day

  • 32% used their Sonic Relief a few times per week

  • 7% used their Sonic Relief once a week or less

  • 44% used their Sonic Relief a lot in the beginning and now on an as needed basis

Furthermore, 68% started used Sonic Relief for a primary ailment and now perform ultrasound treatments for other ailments or conditions or injuries as they appear making it a useful tool in your medicine cabinet.

So, the answer to how often, and for how long you should use your Sonic Relief is:


The frequency and duration of doing Sonic Relief ultrasound treatments depends on how long you've had your condition and how much time you have to spend on treatments.

1. How long you've had your condition:.

  • An acute condition (sprain, muscle strain, injury, whiplash) should be treated fast and frequently to accelerate healing and ensure inflammation does not become chronic. 3 times per day for up to 2 weeks and then on an as needed basis until the condition has healed.

  • A chronic or long term condition (arthritis, long term back pain, tendonitis or repetitive strain type conditions, fibromyalgia) should be treated frequently 3 times per day for up to 2 weeks at the beginning to speed healing and get the pain under control. Then as needed which may mean daily depending on how long you've had your condition and how far it's progressed.

2. How much time you have to invest in your health and well-being:

Sonic Relief treatments are only 10 minutes each and can safely be performed up to 3 times per day. So it's not hard to fit in - a small time investment for something that can ease your pain and help you get back into life.

When to use Sonic Relief Ultrasound Therapy:

We recommend that you keep your Sonic Relief plugged in and ready by your bed so you can do your ultrasound therapy treatments:

  1. First thing in the morning to ease pain and inflammation throughout the day

  2. Before bed to encourage night time healing and have a better sleep

  3. Anytime you can fit it in during the day and especially before or after any activity that might make your pain worse such as standing, exercising, gardening, driving.

Sonic Relief is a truly a time saving device; each ultrasound treatment is only 10 minutes, administered by you, without having to leave your own home.

Want to start your pain relief journey? Get the Sonic Relief Starter Kit now!

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